Bringing the outdoors, indoors for over 31 years!

Conveniently located in the Keating industrial area in Saanichton ( Greater Victoria ) British Columbia, Skyview Industries has been serving Vancouver Island for over 31 Years with a philosophy of providing homeowners with the best products, price and service.

For homeowners who want to fully enjoy the indoor-outdoor possibilities of their home, we have more than a few great ideas. From awnings and canopies to skylights and sunrooms - not to mention terrific self-cleaning hot tubs and swimspas, we can show you the possibilities awaiting for your home.

With hot tubs, energy-efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance are key, and our Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub is quiet literally the world's easiest hot tub to maintain. The technologically advanced self-cleaning system simultaneously removes surface debris and cleans the bottom of the tub with its built-in floor vacuum, fully cleaning the water every 15 minutes.

Where foam-insulated hot tubs can prove challenging, the Hydropool Hot Tubs and their Swim Spas - the pool "you didn't think you could afford" - are among the most energy-efficient on the market. And because of their somewhat unique design, the Hydropool products allow for easy maintenance.

Looking to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa no matter the weather? Skyview can help you with that, too! Our low-maintenance awning, canopies and sunrooms allow homeowners greater use of their homes and gardens, with quality and affordability. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, our awnings and canopies can be converted to a sunroom / garden room and partially or fully enclosed in the future.

Skyview's products block the sun's damaging UV rays, and will never fade, fray, tear or dent, and the solar bronze tinting allows up to a 45-per-cent-reduction in heat gain and glare!



Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs