Hot Tub - Swimming Spas

Hot Tub - Swimming Spas

Publish Date:Jan-05-2022

We often get asked this question by hot tub shoppers and new owners. The answer can be quite simple but there are some factors to consider including hot tub temeprature range, body temperature, ambient temperature and health risks.

Hot tub


Hot Tub Temperature Range

Most hot tubs can go as low as 26°C and as usually always have a maximum temperature of 40°C for safety reasons. The only time you may consider going as low as 26 degrees would be in the heat of summer if you wanted to use the hot tub to cool off. On the flip side 40 degrees is very hot and can be unbearable for some users. The quick answer to 'how hot should my hot tub be?' is between 37°C-40°C to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit that hot water provides.

Body Temperature vs. Hot Tub Temperature

Your body temperature is generally around 37°C. The impact this has on your hot tub experience can be quite profound. If the water is under 37 degrees then you may expereince a slight chill. This can be a nice sensation when you want to cool off in hot weather. Alternativley, in the winter when the ambient temperature is cooler you may want to give a buffer of a few degrees above 37, this is because the hot tub will cool slowly with the cover off so if you plan on a longer soak, you will stay warm for longer!

Finding The Perfect Temperature to Hot Tub In

Test it out! As long as you consider the below health considerations before doing so then you will be safe to try 40°C vs. 37°C! You may find that you prefer different temperatures depending on the season but only you will know what you enjoy. Unfortunately we do not offer mediation on family hot tub temperature debates!

Health Risks & Children

  • Always consult a doctor before getting in the hot tub while pregnant.
  • Children under age 5 should not be in hot tubs over 35°C, and should only remain in hot tubs for 5-10 minutes at a time for safety.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated while using a hot tub.