Maintenance of Your Spa

Maintenance of Your Spa

Maintenance of Your Spa

Initial Start-Up: For Greater Victoria Tap Water

Before adding chemicals, know your spa water capacity in gallons or liters.
  1. Add 0.4 oz (12gm or 10 ml) of SM BRITE (non chlorine shock and bromine booster) per 264 Gal. (1000 litres).
  2. Once the spa has sufficient water for circulation, turn on the filtering equipment.
  3. Add appropriate amount of CLARIFIER.
  4. Add 60 gms of SPA ALK and 350 ml. of SPA CALCIUM per 1000 litres.
  5. Using BROMINE TABLETS or Granular Bromine, fill your feeder (dispenser) and adjust the bromine residual level to 3-5 p.p.m. The skimmer basket can also be used to dispense bromine.
  6. 6 to 12 hours after Shocking, add 15 ml (or 1 Tbsp.) of STAIN CONTROL per 264 Gal. (1000 litres) to inhibit staining and scale formation.
  7. Using 5 Part Test Strips:
    A) Test the total alkalinity. The ideal range is 100– 150 p.p.m. Adjust with SPA ALK or SPA MINUS
    B) Test the pH. The ideal range is 7.2-7.8. Adjust if necessary with SPA PLUS or SPA MINUS.
    C) Test and adjust the water hardness. Adjust with SPA CALCIUM.

    It will normally take a day or two of circulation to get bromine level up to the ideal range of 3 to 5 p.p.m.

Daily To Weekly Maintenance (depending on bathing loads):

  1. Set filtration for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours every 12 hours to remove suspended particles that may exist.
  2. Test pH to maintain a level of 7.2-7.8 and alkalinity 100-150 p.p.m.
  3. Using BROMINE TABLETS or CHLORINE TABLETS or GRANULES adjust your feeder so the bromine
    residual is 3-5 p.p.m. (with ozonator 1 to 3 p.p.m.). Add 0.4 oz (12 gm.) of SM BRITE per 264 Gal. (1000 litres).

Minimum Weekly Maintenance:

  1. Shock 12 gm. of SM BRITE per 1000 litres (6-8 hours after STAIN CONTROL).
  2. Add CLARIFIER as directed. Circulate the water for 30 minutes.
  3. Using 3 Part Test Strip:
    - Test and adjust Bromine, pH (SPA PLUS or SPA MINUS to reduce pH) and Alkalinity (SPA ALK).
    - Using BROMINE TABLETS test for Bromine and adjust feeder to maintain a bromine residual of 3-5 p.p.m.
  4. SM BRITE:
    - Non chlorine shock and bromine booster (12 gm./1000 litres)
    - Spa can be used 15 minutes after using SM BRITE
    - Should be used at least weekly
  5. Add 0.5 oz. (15ml or 1 Tbsp) of STAIN CONTROL per 264 Gal. (1000 litres) to inhibit scaling and staining. Circulate the water for 30 minutes.

Monthly Maintenance:

  1. Greases, oils and organic waste can accumulate on the filter cartridge reducing their efficiency and limiting the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Clean the filter with a CARTRIDGE CLEANER (SPA CONTACT or CITRA-CLEAN) as directed. Physically clean the basket weekly. The use of SPA PERFECT will prolong the life of the filter cutting down on grease, foam and suspended particles in the Spa.
  2. WHEN TO DRAIN SPA WATER: Due to the warm water temperature and high evaporation rate, the total dissolved solids tend to build up. For this reason we recommend draining and refilling the spa periodically (every 2 to 3 months depending on size amount of use) If your hot tub is used daily or by a large number of bathers, the water should be drained more often.
    One method to determine the appropriate length of time between water changes is to divide the water volume (in litres) of your hot tub by 13.5 and then divide by the average number of bathers each day (Example: 1000 litres divided by 13.5 by 2 = 37 days).
    The hot tub water must be changed when the amount of dissolved solids becomes excessive , and is usually indicated be "gray" or dull looking water.


STAIN CONTROL - Add 2 TSP per 1000 litres of water – Let water circulate for ½ day before adding sanitizer or shock (15 ml STAIN CONTROL weekly for regular maintenance).

CLARIFIER - Initial & Weekly – (1.5 ml or 1/3 tsp. per 1000 litres or 264 Gal.)

SPA ALK - Total Alkalinity level maintained in the range 100 p.p.m. – 150 p.p.m. If level is below 100 p.p.m. add 20 gms per 1000 litres to raise alkalinity by 10p.p.m. Initial - add 60 ml per 1000 litres.

SPA CALCIUM - Hardness level should be tested often & maintained in the range of 100 to 200 p.p.m .If level is below 100 p.p.m. add 110 ml per 1000 litres of water to raise hardness by 50 p.p.m. Wait 10 minutes before using spa.

SM BRITE - Ideal as initial treatment. Add 12 gms (10 ml.) per 1000 litres

SPA PLUS - To increase pH to recommended levels:

  Below 6.6: 20 gms per 1000 litres
  Below 6.6 - 7.0: 7.5 gms per 1000 litres
  Below 7.0 - 7.4: 5 gms per 1000 litres

. Proper daily levels 7.2-7.8
. 100 - 150 p.p.m. (if levels are higher add 60 ml. per 1000 litres)
. Wait 15 minutes & retest.

SPA ANTI FOAM - Add 10 ml per 1000 litres