I measure the corner radius of a rounded corner spa

I measure the corner radius of a rounded corner spa

How do I measure the corner radius of a rounded corner spa?




Use a carpenter's square on the corner of your hot tub. You want to measure from the corner of the square to where the square first touches the cover.

It is important that you don't order your cover too small, but it is perfectly fine to be a little big. For example, if you are not sure if the radius is 5.5 inches or 5 inches, use the smaller measurement of 5 inches. By using the smaller measurement, less of the corner will be cut off and this will result in a larger cover.

If you have any questions about how to measure your cover, please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help!

No cover manufacturer that I've contacted has the cover I want in stock! Why is that?

Did you know that there are many hundreds - perhaps THOUSANDS - of different spa makes, models, and variations of models in existence today?! Not only are tubs all different shapes and sizes - but spa owners like yourself also want specific colours and styles for their covers. Factored together, you can see that it would be impossible to stock pre-constructed covers for all the different tubs out there. Can you picture the warehouse room required to store them!?

That is why we, the cover manufacturers, custom-build your cover to the exact dimensions you provide...and in the colour and style you select. Here at ALPINE SPA COVERS, we pride ourselves on having the fastest custom service in the business!

My spa came with my house... I don't know the make or model and I don't know how to contact the original owners... Is there any way I can find this information out?

Many tubs are constructed with what is referred to as a "Wharnock-Hersey" label. It can be found at or near the "spa pack" (the spa's equipment center, where you'll find the pump, heater, etc). It might even be on the "door" of the skirt. On the label you should find the manufacturer's name, and often the model number as well.

My cover isn't old, yet the liner on the underside is bleaching out. What's happenning?

Sounds like you are seeing some chemical damage. Are you using chlorine or bromine as a sanitizer? It may surprise you to note that chlorine "gasses off" at 97 degrees, whereas bromine is stable at much higher temperatures. So, you might have a lot of your sanitizer burning off, costing you money in wasted chemical AND shorter cover life. Bromine is the recommended sanitizer for hot tubs (check out the GENESIS Automatic Bromine Generator in our catalogue).

Another thing to note: Make sure to leave your cover off the tub for several hours after "shocking" the water (gassing off is highest after shocking).