Why an acrylic spa?

Why an acrylic spa?


Why an acrylic spa?

The Advantages of using Acrylic vs. Concrete in a spa or swimspa

One of the most important features of an Acrylic spa are the pipes, jets, returns, skimmer and suction fittings that are exposed to the underside of the shell, with access to them in case of emergency. The shell can be literally re-plumbed on site without removal. Compared to a concrete spa in which the piping and fittings are encased in concrete and repair or replacement means partial demolition of the shell, the Acrylic spa is a superior choice over the long term.

Due to the frequent draining and refilling of spas, the shell is stressed on a consistent basis by the cycle of unloading and then filling with cold water into a warm shell. This places a high amount of stress on a concrete spa and is a primary reason for cracking and leaking, which is very expensive. With an acrylic spa, this is not an issue as the shell is designed to handle this change in temperature and pressure, also the piping is not stressed along with the remainder of the shell while draining and filling the tub. With a concrete shell the pipe joints and fittings are subject to this repeated strain and it is very common for a concrete shell to leak from this cause.

Waterproofing a spa is expensive and challenging, however with an acrylic spa; the waterproofing is integral to the construction and is assured due to each spa being factory water tested.

The cost savings associated with an acrylic spa are significant due to the elimination of constructing, plumbing, waterproofing and tiling the shell on location, which could involve multiple trades. Acrylic shells are pre-manufactured and plumbed ready to place where needed. HydroTher also manufactures a skid mounted spa pack designed to size of each spa.

Cost savings can also be made through the efficiency of acrylic jets versus concrete jets which typically require twice as much flow to work.
Operational savings are realized by eliminating the tiling and grout maintenance in a concrete spa as compared to the maintenance free acrylic surface. 

Due to the reasons listed above and numerous other reasons, most new projects are choosing commercial acrylic spas over concrete and are now reaping the benefits of choosing Hydrother commercial acrylic spas.

Shouldn’t your project have the same advantage?



1. Less Expensive:
HydroTher pre-plumbed commercial acrylic hot tubs and swim spas are in general considerably less expensive to similarly equipped custom concrete spas or whirlpools.
2. No Shell Waterproofing Required:
With HydroTher commercial hot tubs and swim spas you do not have the added expense of waterproofing the shell as you must do with concrete models to prevent water seepage to units.
3. Easier to Install:
HydroTher pre-plumbed commercial hot tubs and swim spas require only minor on-site work to be ready to fill and enjoy.
4. Less Weight:
HydroTher pre-plumbed commercial hot tubs and swim spas are considerably less weight than concrete models and can therefore be installed on rooftops and balconies.
5. More Choices:
HydroTher pre-plumbed acrylic hot tubs and swim spas are available in several many different shapes and colors to suit all needs and budgets.
6. Easier Upkeep:
With no tile grout and lines or porous marcite to discolor or pit HydroThers smooth acrylic surface is easier to keep clean and will not fade or discolor.
7. Less Operating Costs:
HydroTher smooth acrylic surface results in less chemicals being required than spas or whirlpools with tile, grout or marcite. Also the two pound closed cell insulation that is sprayed over the shell substantially reduces heating costs.
8. More Shell Flexibility:
With HydroTher thick flexible shells maintenance staff do not have to worry about shell movement and / or cracking every time they drain and refill the hot tub as they do with most concrete spas or whirlpools.
9. Easier To Repair:
With all plumbing run outside the shell, as opposed to inside the concrete walls and floor with concrete spas or whirlpools, Hydrother commercial hot tubs and swim spas are easier to repair.
10. IAPMO & UL Approved:
All HydroTher commercial hot tubs and swim spas are IAPMO and UL approved, meet VGB Standards and regularly accepted by most Departments of Health in Canada and The United States