Commercial Hot Tubs

Commercial Hot Tubs

HydroTher spa and wellness equipment

Commercial Hot Tubs

All commercial hot tub models meet new VGB standards
Commercial Hottub model H800C
8 Person

Designed for

Some of our clients also include Professional Sports Teams
Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers (NHL)
Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks (NBA)
Toronto Blue Jays (MLB)

Manufactured from ultra thick one-piece acrylic, these fiberglass reinforced hot tubs are designed to withstand the demands of heavily used commercial installations, yet are less expensive than conventional concrete models.

With the unique self-cleaning bottom floor cleaner, wide mouth skimmer and automatic water level controller, maintenance and cleaning are virtually effortless. Multiple safety suction fittings provide maximum circulation and safety.

All models can be equipped with a wide variety of safety, convenience and exercise therapy options. Choose from a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, to best suit your application.

Standard Features of HydroTher Commercial hot tubs are:

  • Ultra thick .187 high gloss, all weather, easy to clean acrylic surface
  • High-lighted step edges and seat markings
  • Spacious footwells
  • Built-in bottom floor suction drain improves circulation and eliminates the need to vacuum daily
  • Floor suction drain also allows the cold tub to be completely drained during routine servicing without the use of a supplementary pump
  • Wide-mouth surface NSF Approved Skimmer
  • Multiple safety suction inlets
  • Whisper quiet air controls
  • 2lb. closed cell polyurethane foam insulation
  • Meets requirements of Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.
  • Tested to UL, UL-C and IAPMO standards

"SelfClean Plus"
Each HydroTher Commercial spa features built-in bottom suction grate drains that maximize circulation, eliminating the problem of dirt settling on the floor of the spa and allows the tub to be totally drained without bailing.

Wide Mouth Skimmer
Each HydroTher Commercial cold tub is equipped with a wide mouth skimmer complete with hair and lint trap that maximizes water flow and surface cleaning.

Factory Installed Support Base
Each HydroTher Commercial cold tub is equipped with either a fiberglass coated wood or steel support bracing to spread the weight bearing over a wider area.

Water Level Controller
Each HydroTher Commercial hot tub is equipped with a water level controller which maintains proper water levels.