Installation / Maintenance

Installation / Maintenance

image Installation / Maintenance
• Consult your local Health or Building Departments to ensure that Hydropool meets your local commercial hot tub standards including approved colours.

• Dealers may subsitute their prefered brand of pumps, filters, chemical controllers and accessories.

• All spas must be adequately supported. Decking surround and electrical requirements should be specified by the project’s architect or mechanical consultant. Any adjacent metallic components must be grounded.

• Nearby showers and washrooms are highly recommended and mandatory for some health departments

• Access to the plumbing for routine service or repairs should be incorporated into the deck design.

• Tiling on decking around spa must be available for overflow or splash out and be slip resistant.

• Motor starters, magnetic contactors, heater disconnect, and ground fault protectors are not included in the equipment packages shown.

• Jet pump timer button should be located such that users must exit the tub to reset the timer.

• The installing contractor is responsible for supplying all plumbing from the mechanical equipment to the hot tub.

• The use of 45&Mac251; and 90&Mac251; elbows should be minimized as they restrict the flow.

• The hot tub should be operated for 24 hours before it is enclosed with decking to ensure that the plumbing has not been damaged during installation.

• Consideration should be given to rendering the hot tub inaccessible when unsupervised.

• For further installation or code requirements we recommend consulting your local building department reference N.S.P.I standards for public spas.