When Buying a Hot Tub WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE

When Buying a Hot Tub WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE

When Buying a Hot Tub

Making an Informed Decision

The purpose of this guide is to provide you the hot tub buyer with a true method of comparison for all Hydropool Hot Tubs. We dare you to compare, we want you to find the best hot tub to meet your needs. Hydropool understands that hot tubs are a big investment and we want to help you evaluate the benefits and features that best appeal to you before making that purchase. It's best to compare hot tubs feature for feature, investigate your best options, and make a well-informed decision on what hot tub to purchase.Hot tubs are expensive just like automobiles they are complex pieces of technology that should be designed and built to last. Hydropool knows it's important to investigate each manufacturer, their process used to build the hot tub and its components, and the retailer to ensure you buy the best for your money. Take a very close look at the hot tub warranty and be sure to read the fine print, remember that a warranty is only as good as the company's that stands behind it. To ensure you buy the best for your money we invite you to shop around, we wnat you to determine the features and options you need or desire in the hot tub of your dreams.At the same time refer to our "How to Buy a Hot Tub Guide" for a comprehensive guide to purchase the hot tub of your dreams. Beyond that we want to think about and prepare for the installation, delivery and the maintenance required for your new hot tub. We know that's a lot to consider but using this "Comparison Guide" and our "How to Buy a Hot Tub Guide" you can be confident with your final choice. Shopping for a hot tub can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you're unsure about the specific functions and features that are important to you that is why we have identified four major areas for comparison. They are: Massage / Hydrotherapy, Filtration, Energy Efficiency and Sound levels. This guide will give you solid facts that can be used to compare all Hydropool Hot Tubs with the other hot tubs you're considering.

We want to ensure your long-term enjoyment of your hot tub especially if you choose a Hydropool Hot Tub.

When Buying a Hot Tub WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE  

The Massage

Engineered Hydrotherapy Backed by Scientific Fact.

There are 3 important components to the perfect Massage; Pumps, Plumbing and Jets. When comparing our hot tubs to the competition measure their engineering against these proven components at we believe that to truly understand the science of the perfect massage these components need to be looked at as one single entity to produce the best massage. Hydrotherapy is about Flow Rate (gallons per minute - GPM) and optimum pressure, not Horse Power (HP). More important is PLACEMENT of jets not the power. Make sure that each seat has a different number of jets and different placement so that as you move from zone to zone (from seat to seat), you will experience proper hydrotherapy coverage of the areas of your body that may need massaging.

EVERGREEN PUMPS: Designed to produce the most efficient flow rate in the industry. How?

  • Pump impellers should have wider / deeper blades
  • This allows our pumps to produce a large volume of water
  • Your new Hot Tub should run at 180 gpm at 18psi vs most Hot Tubs run at: 100 gpm at 12psi
  • Pump return is positioned at 12 o'clock optimizing contrifugal action of impeller hydrotherapy massage like no other

HIGH FLOW PLUMBING: Hydropool achived BEP "Best Efficiency Point" in the plumbing of every hot tub. How?

  • Balanced Flow Rate: 2" plumbing throughout entire hot tub. Manifold style plumbing
  • Decreased Flow Distance: The distance from suctions to pump and from pump to jets
  • Two large Suctions / Pumps
  • High Flow Plumbing is 26% more efficient then the typical pump found on other hot tubs

Designed to produce the best flow rates. How?

  • Bearingless design increases the life of the jets
  • Depending on how old the hot tub is the coefficient of friction is between 40-100% better
  • Bearing jets clog which stops the rotational motion of the nozzles, this eliminates any of the venturi action stopping air flow

Hydrotherapy Jets
Steady Waving Dual Stream

imagesHydrotherapy Jets
Steady Pulsating Dual Stream

Hydrotherapy Jets
Steady Pulsating Single Stream

Hydrotherapy Jets
Pressure Ball Activated

Hydrotherapy Jets
Enhanced Steady Stream


Consider the Hydrotherapy Jets


You are looking for adjustable, high volume Hydrotherapy jetting system. Fluidity Jet Sets are a series non-bearing jets ensuring trouble-free operation of your hot tub. These jets eliminate chemical corrosion of jet casings, bearing failures, clogging & deliver superior benefits.

Hydrotherapy Jets


Hydrotherapy Jets
Adjustable Water Feature Jet

Hydrotherapy Jets
Direct Powerful Stream

Hydrotherapy Jets
Multi Streamed Shower

Hydrotherapy Jets
Steady Pulsating Stream

High Volume Large Stream

The Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has evolved but has the hot tub your considering?

Old Technology

  • Water will take the path of least resistance hence, if there was a problem with the plumbing the water could appear on the other side
  • It is difficult to service because there is no access to plumbing without a full dig out
  • Not able to access plumbing without compromising the insulation or structural integrity
  • Each motor creates 1.5 kw of heat and all of that heat was being expelled from the hot tub as opposed to being used to help heat the water
  The Energy Efficiency

Perimeter Insulation a technology that forgot what it means to be... energy efficient.

Flawed Technology

  • Causes leaks due to plumbing support issues
  • Gaps in panels allow heat to escape
  • The Motor needs to breath, and without vents it overheats and causes the pumps to failcompare
  The Energy Efficiency

Thermal Shield Insulation technology has energy efficient at its core.

Today's Most Advanced Technology

  • Polyfilm barrier supports the plumbing
  • Easy access to service
  • Uses the waste heat of the motor, shell and pipes to heat the hot tub
  • Eco heat exchange venting to expel the unwanted heat in the summer and traps the heat in the wintercompare
  The Energy Efficiency

1) Hydrowise Heat Shield Cover

Made for Canadian Winters

  • Four inches thick in the middle and tapers to three inches on each end
  • Insulated bumper down the fold area of the cover
  • Supports up to 250lb
  • Safety Locks on both sides


3) Eco Heat Exchange Thermal

Increase Motor Performance & Durability

Located on either side of the cabinet, the adjustable thermal vents allow for cross ventilation across the motor area during the summer months and lock the heat in the winter.


2) Thermal Shield Blanket

Thermal Shield Blanket

"R" Value
Closed Cell Foam - R 5.5
Open Cell Foam - R4.3
Ayr Foil A2V Foil - R14 - R16


  • Triple Thermal Shiled protection (Pipes, Cabinet , Floor)
  • Traps the waste heat of the Motor, Pipes, shell & reflects the heat back into the water
  • Black Pipe Technology absorbs heat
  • N.A.S.A. inspired technology

Ease of Maintenance

Side Suction Filtration only does half the job you need done.



  • ONLY 50% of the water is being filtered
  • Filter clogs. Pumps and heater are starved of water
  • Filter is exposed to the air, hence a greater chance of odours and is in the sight lines of the bather

Gravity Drain Filtration never gets to the bottom of cleaning your hot tub.



  • Pulls water from 2”- 4” above the bottom of the hot tub so you need to vacuum to remove any and all dirt from the floor (footwell)
  • You have to bail the bottom 6” of water by hand when draining the hot tub
  • Does not filter any of the water

The Self-Cleaning System creates time for what matters to you.


  • Filter’s 100% of the water
    every 15 minutes
  • Skims the surface of any water
  • Vaccuums the floor
  • Results in clean clear safe water

The Self-Cleaning System creates time for what matters to you.


More About Filtration...

Filters Explained.
By definition "Filtration" is the act or process of passing a liquid through a filter in order to remove solid particles. Microns are the unit of measure used for rating for a fluid filter and is the accepted way of indicating a filter's ability to remove contaminants. A micron represents the size of the particles a filter can remove.

1 MICRON = 1 Millionth of a Meter
1 MICRON = 1 Thousandth of a Millimeter
1 MICRON = 39 Millionth of an inch
25.4 MICRONS = 1 Thousandth of an inch
40 MICRONS is visible with Magnification
40 to 90 MICRONS = The diameter of a Human hair



Types of Filtration.

1) Horizontal: Side Suction Filtration Issues:

  • Filter visible to bathers
  • Only Skims surface debris
  • Foot well still collects & retains debris
  • Spa or Shop Vac required to remove submerged debris from foot well

2) Vertical: Lilly Pad Filtration Issues:

  • Filtration completely visible to bathers
  • Only Skims surface debris
  • Foot well still collects & retains debris
  • Spa or Shop Vac required to remove submerged debris from foot well

3) Horizontal Suction Filtration Issues:

  • Filter visible to bathers complicated by grate blocking debris from being removed
  • Only Skims surface debris
  • Foot well still collects & retains debris
  • Spa or Shop Vac required to remove submerged debris from foot well

4) Vertical Suction Filtration Issues:

  • Filter visible to bathers
  • Only Skims surface debris
  • Foot well still collects & retains debris
  • Spa or Shop Vac required to remove submerged debris from foot well

5) Self-Clean Pressure Side Filtration Advantages:

  • Filter(s) NOT at all visible to bathers
  • Skims surface debris & submerged debris via built in floor vacuum
  • NO Spa or Shop Vac needed

Listen Up and Listen Good

You are buying a hot tub to relax and when considering a brand noise levels should be of huge importance. Start by making sure that the hot tub equipment is housed behind the insulation and cabinet so that the sound of the hot tub operating is trapped and muffled. Ensure that the equipment is not "oversized" but rather sized according to how many jets are in the design. Remember horsepower only means extra volume with no extra hydrotherapy benefit due to the fact that there is only a maximum amount of water you can push through a piping no matter what size pump its connected too. Also having the equipment on the outside of your hot tub may provide better access, but it comes at the cost of energy efficiency and the loss of peace and quiet that you bought it for in the first place.


Jet engine at 100...............................................................
Sandblasting, Loud Rock Concert.......................................
City Traffic (inside car).....................................................
Telephone dial tone............................................................
Normal conversation at 3’..................................................
Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs......................................
45-50dB (beside it)
Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs......................................
35-40dB (at 20 feet)
Whisper Quiet Library at 6’................................................

Now You Are Ready to Compare.

Now is the time to truly compare feature for feature, needs and wants, the pros and the cons and by writing down your choices in one convenient place will allow you to truly compare. We encourage you to utilize the following comparison sheet to aid you in your decision. (Just duplicate as many copies as the number of hot tubs you are comparing.)


Comparison Sheet

Hot Tub Models:
Hot Tub #1 ________________
Hot Tub #2 ______________
Seat Count:
(designated for what number of people)
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
Jet Count:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
HydroTherapy Options:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
Type of Filtration:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
Energy Efficiency Rating:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
Overall Size:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
Type of Insulation:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________
Noise Level:
Hot Tub #1 __________________
Hot Tub #2 _________________


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