Hydropool's Exclusive Self-Cleaning Technology

Hydropool's Exclusive Self-Cleaning Technology



Hydropool's Exclusive Self-Cleaning Technology

The world's easiest hot tub to maintain. The Self-Cleaning System cleanses 100% of the water every 15 minutes, that's an incredible 8 times in 2 hours!

Optimized Surface Filtration

  • The design of our seating and the strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer.
  • Boosts the efficiency of our self-cleaning system.

Cleans Across The Surface

  • Removes floating debris, oils and prevents larger debris from clogging the pump and heater
  • Increases filtration
  • Moves debris into the Pre Filter and extends micro-filter cleaning cycles.



Cleans Across The Floor

  • No need to vacuum the hot tub
  • Watercare products are more effectively circulated
  • Removes heavy contamination (such as dirt & grit)

Cleans 100% of the Water Every 15 Minutes

  • New Dual Core Filter with Microban and inner core for increased filtration
  • Results in extended cleaning cycles
  • Easy access while out of contact and sight from bathers
  • No odor escapes during hot tub use

Worry-Free & Convenient

  • Salt Water Technology
  • EZaquazure Watercare System
  • EZcare Watercare System
  • Automatic Chemical Feeder

Always on the Job

  • The Worry-Free indicator indicates the Self-Clean and Eco Heat Exchange system are both active
  • Reassures your family's safety and protection

Did you know...

With the Quick Drain system there is:

  • No Shop-Vac or Sump pump needed
  • Pumps the hot tub waterout at distance or any grade
  • Saves time and the hassle associated with hot tub maintenance

Self-Clean Filtration Pumps

  • Better Flow rates through Pump one as there is nothing restricting flow
  • 40% more efficient than Standard Motors
  • Programmable
  • Open Impeller resistant to Clogging
  • Whisper Quiet - End 48 Frame Growl
  • Shaftless, Seal less and Leakproof
  • The only pumps to offer “Smart pump” technology that is programmable without requiring a separate controller… i.e. Dry Run Protection and soft start.
  • The E14 is quieter, offering a lower overall db level, than traditional
  • The Lange permanent magnet design allows for the capture of 90% of the heat to be transferred into the water versus being lost to the air in waste.