The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage

The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage


The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage


Choose... your seat.

Our solid understanding of hydrotherapy and ergonomics of the human body allows us to take the science of immersion to a new level. Weather creating "ground up" innovations or redesigning and improving upon an existing line of hot tubs, all Hydropool products interact with the human body in the most effective and natural way possible.

  1. Never Float Lounger
  2. Extreme Seat
  3. Swivel Seat
  4. Cool Down Seat
  5. Arm Rest with Jets

Choose... your massage.

The Hydropool personal Wellness Guide plays a critical role in stress relief and Hydrotherapy. It is also designed for short or long term therapy programs, offering numerous beneficial programs such as relief from insomnia, pain & headhache, detoxification and provide deep relaxation. Our design team is comprised of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Industrial Designers that utilize their insight into the human physique and the Hydropool Science of Immersion. image
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Select Your HydroFlow Jets
Choose your Therapeutic Option
(Variable Speed Air Therapy or AcuPressure Sequence Massage)

Choose... your Mood.

Part of the science with the Science of Immersion is enhancing your mood. The engineers at Hydropool have developed a number of features and options to transport you to the best times of your life.

Dream Scents on Demand
Northern Lights or Deluxe LED
HydroFall Pillows
Cascading HydroFalls

These organizations all recognize the scientific benefits of hot water immersion.

Did you know...

A hot tub session speeds up the natural healing process. "It calms down the aching muscle pain and relaxes the muscle fibers for an optimal full back relaxation"

Dr. Mike Prebag
Certified Sports Physician