Swim Spa Self-Cleaning

Swim Spa Self-Cleaning

AquaSport 12fX

This Swimspa is designed to maximize the swimming area by eliminating the seated areas. Entrance from three sides allow customers lots of versatility when installing this unit.

  • 1 - 3HP Evergreen Single Speed Pump
  • 1 - 5 HP Aqua Boost Swim Pump
  • High Flow AquaStream Swim Jets
  • 1 - HydroClean Filtration Pump
  • 1 - 4Kw Heater
  • 3 Persons Hydrotherapy Seating
  • 19 Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets

Shell Dimension
150" x 93"
381 cm x 236.2 cm

124.5 cm

1489 US gallons
5635 L

Weight Full
14,402 lbs
6,535 Kg

Weight Empty
1,984 lbs
900 Kg

HydroGuide - Self-Clean AquaSport 12fX
This swim spa meets or exceeds the energy efficiency standards defined by the California Energy Commission.
Ambient Outdoor Temperature
Monthly Cost
LOW: 45F / 7C
HIGH: 75F/24C
North American Wattage / 100 Gallons: 14.85 W



AquaSport 12fX
May not be exactly as shown.

Spec & Jet Diagram



Jets and Plumbing
3HP Evergreen Single Speed Pump (19Fx is a 4HP)
5HP Aqua Boost Swim Pump 
HydroClean Plus Filtration Pump 
Corestream Bouyancy Jet 
High Flow Aquastream Swim Jets (1 Buoyancy Jet)2
Total Stainless Steel Hydro Flow Hydrotherapy Jets19
4 KW Heater - Optional upgrade to 2nd 4kw Heater
Isolation Valves and a programmable Filtration Timer 
Aquacord Anchor for Body Board and Tether
Standard Features
Automatic Chemical Feeder
Galvanized Steel Support Package 
LED Light2
Electronic Soft Touch Controls 
Ergonomic Bucket Seating 
Generous Swimming Area & Superior Tank Design 
Hard Cover 
Self Clean filtration System 
Swimspa Water Watch 
Insulated Plastic Base 
Insulated Swim Spa Shell 
Automatic Water Purification Ready (Ozone) 
Lower Side Wall Suctions 
High Flow Surface Skimmer with Strainer Basket 
Pressure Side 75 Sq. Ft. High Performance Filter 
Silent Air Control 
24in Exercise Bar 
10 Year (Shell) / 5 Year (Surface) / 3 Year (Equipment)
Factory Installed Cabinet & Frame
AccuFlo Swim Jets
Three Stage Acrylic Polymer Shell
Spa Capacity
Seating (Persons)
Model Specifications
Height (inches)
Height (cm)124.46
Shell Dimensions (inches)150x93
Shell Dimensions (cm)381x236.2
Volume (US gallons)1489
Volume (Litres)5635
Weight Full (Lbs)14402
Weight Full (Kg)6535
Weight Empty (Lbs)1984
Weight Empty (Kg)900

. 2 Extra LEDs & Northern Lights
4 Tier Aqua Step
. 48" Stainless Steel Exercise Bar
50 Amp GFCI including Subpanel
. 50 or 60 Amp GFCI with Subpanel, Deluxe Starter Kit, EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone System, Summer Cover with Tie Down
. Additional 4Kw Heater
. Aqua Fitness Package
. Aqua Rowing Kit
Auxillary Heating System By-Pass Loop
. Bellagio Package DTAX: Bellagio HydroFalls, Northern Lights plus 2 LED Lights
. Bi Fold Cover Option (with cabinet only)
. Black Cherry Cabinet Premium Upgrade
. Covana LEGEND Automated Cover - Slate/Platinum or Mocha/Latte
. Covana LEGEND Automated Cover - Slate/White or Mocha/White
. Covana LEGEND Automated Cover Installation
. Covana LEGEND Battery back up Pack 24V
. Covana LEGEND Secondary Escape Hatch Slate/Platinum or Mocha/Latte
. Covana LEGEND Secondary Escape Hatch Slate/White or Mocha/White
. Covana LEGEND Solar Panel - Battery Charging System 24V
. Delete insulating four section cover
. Deluxe Water Care Kit with Pool Marvel
Dream Scents on demand
EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone System
. HydroClear PureWater System
HydroFlex Air Therapy System
. Hydropool Surround Sound (Only Available with Cabinet)
. I Command System
. Replace Cabinet add Solid State frame
. Rollaway Cover - 13ft
. Rollaway Cover Bracket (Cover shelf)
Safe T Rail - Textured Black Aluminum
. Southern Lights (with cabinet only)
. Summer Cover with Tie Downs
. Swimspa Water Watch
. Upgrade to 2nd 4kw heater