Other Popular Options

Stainless Steel Hand Rail
A Stainless Steel Hand Rail is available in either a 33” or 36” version and can be installed using an inset concrete flange. Alternatively, a bolt down deck mounted flange can be used for wood deck applications. The Stainless Steel Hand Rail is ideal for added safety while entering and exiting the swim spa.


Wall Mount Exercise Bar
The Wall Mount Exercise Bars are available in 24” or 48” lengths and
can be mounted within the interior of the swim spa and is intended to
act as a stabilizing bar for stretching and various other activities. Alternatively,
the Wall Mount Exercise Bar can be installed on nearby walls
for safety and flexibility exercises.


50 or 60 Amp GFCI With Subpanel
In order to ensure that the bathers are fully protected while using their swim spa, a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) must be installed. For customers convenience, provide them with a matching GFCI breaker that conveniently installs into the included custom subpanel.


Auxiliary Heating System By-Pass Loop
Where the installation calls for an auxiliary heater or solar heating system,
Hydropool Swim Spas can be manufactured with special plumbing that will
easily and reliably allow for the addition of the heater.
The Auxiliary Heater By-Pass Loop includes all of the required plumbing
including a check valve for performance and safety.


Swim Spa Monitor
Monitor the health of your swim spa from inside your home with
Hydropool’s Swim Spa Monitor. Designed for in-home use, the Swim Spa
Monitor is a wireless swim spa control that is attractive and easy to use.
It shows water temperature and diagnostic messages on the backlit LCD
display and lets you adjust the water temperature, turn on/off the jets, turn
on/off lights, and personalize programming between standard, economy
and sleep modes. The Swim Spa Monitor is available on all Hydropool
Swim Spas and is a great gift or add on item.


Rowing Kit
The Aquatic Rowing Kit is a combination of stainless steel oars and
resistant tether cords that attach to a swivel anchors allowing a full
rowing motion.


Fitness Package
The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into an
Aquatic Universal Gym, the package contains various resistance
exercise equipment for both upper and lower body workouts.