You will find answers to commonly asked questions that we feel will be beneficial in planning for your Hydropool AquaSport or AquaTrainer Swim Spa.


Hydropool Swim Spa are a pre-plumbed, factory assembled mini pools that are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced acrylic and are available in 12ft (AquaSport only), 14ft, 16ft, 17ft, 19ft and 19ft DTFX (combo swimspa and hot tub). Those models are 4’ deep (except for the 19ft which are 52" in height) with wide safety access steps and contoured semi-recumbent hydrotherapy seats. There are two models, the AquaSport and the AquaTrainer. The AquaSport has two core stream jets that deliver a smooth swim. The AquaTrainer model is equipped with three jet pumps and is for serious swimming or exercising. The pumps produce a powerful water stream through three specially engineered swim nozzles. These swim nozzles are positioned so that the water stream of the two upper jets meet the swimmer’s chest and shoulders while the lower swim jet drives under the swimmers body to provide buoyancy and lift when swimming. The current or resistance is adjustable to suit all types of swimmers, from novice to competitive. The Aquatrainer also features two sidewall upper leg and thigh jets and has two hydrotherapy seats with eight jets per seat.

Hydropool Swim Spas allow swimming, exercising and hydrotherapy benefits all in one pool. All Hydropool Swim Spas, when compared to conventional swimming pools have many advantages. These advantages include; reduced cleaning, heating and maintenance, less space requirements, less construction and no need for expensive vapour control when installed indoors. Construction and hook-up time is much lower than building a pool and anyone with “handy person”skills can self-install. The 4’ depth provides ease of mind for parents of small children, weak swimmers and/or senior adults. After each use they can be easily covered with a locking safety insulating hardcover. Most importantly, Hydropool Swim Spas allow you to swim without having to stop and turn every few strokes.

The one-piece acrylic surface, available in four vibrant colours is not only more visually appealing but provides greater durablilty than models using gel-coat fiberglass or vinyl liners. All Hydropool Swim Spas arrive pre-plumbed, assembled, and supplied with bracing so that they are easy to self-install. Our unique patterned flow eliminates the backwash effect found in most other brands. All underwater obstructions such as bench seating or flow channels found in other brands is eliminated for a more open water swimming experience. Most importantly, the “Wide-Stream” nozzles provide, in our opinion, the most enjoyable swim available without the annoying air turbulence found with most other brands.

Hydropool Swim Spas are sold either direct from our manufacturing facilities, or through a member of our worldwide dealer network. Since our pools are shipped totally pre-plumbed, all that is required are minor on-site connections. These can be completed by any homeowner with limited “handy person” skills. A licensed electrician should handle power connections. In North America 220 Volt supply protected by a 50 Amp or 60 Amp G.F.C.I. will be required. 50 cycle systems are available where required. No connections to your household plumbing are required. Since our pools are recognized as the easiest and most cost efficient Swim Spas to set-up, you will be delighted at how quick your pool will be ready for swimming and water-aerobics.

Any applicable duties and brokerage fees in the U.S. or Canada are covered by Hydropool, and although shipping is extra, we will arrange very competitive rates, and in distant regions, partially compensate you for the shipping costs. In countries outside North America these costs will be reflected in the dealer's selling price.

Your Hydropool Swim Spa Pool can be installed in-ground, above-ground or half and half. It must sit on a compact level base capable of supporting 200 lbs. per sq. ft. The equipment can be submerged or above-ground, but not more than 20ft. of pipe length from the swim nozzles. Where the equipment is installed above the water level, the optional remote equipment package will be required.

The Hydropool Swim Spa is designed to handle very cold weather. If you live in a northern climate, you will be able to enjoy it in the coldest conditions. In extreme northern climates, most owners will likely shut their units down in late November and reopen them again in March or April (unless of course they have installed the pool indoors). The operating season is usually double that of a conventional pool, and is easier to use in inclement weather. Utilizing the optional safety insulating hardcover or the optional Hydropool Safety Roll-up cover helps improve the insulation and is a quick and easy way to prevent debris from landing in your Swim Spa. The automatic chemical dispenser and optional ozonator will keep the water soft, sparkling clean, and bacteria free (a minimal bromine, or chlorine residual is recommended).

If you have the available space or are planning a renovation or an addition, a Hydropool Swim Spa installation can be quite spectacular. Unlike a large pool, it is much less expensive to install, and requires less humidity control. The Hydropool Swim Spa requires as little as 8x14 or 8x17 feet of floor space plus a 4x8 foot area when setting up the standard equipment. Where possible, leaving a service access of at least 2 feet on all sides is recommended.

A minor increase in humidity is unavoidable, however, your room will certainly not be "damp". With good ventilation from an exhaust fan, a dehumidifier, or windows that open, you will be able to remove the moisture and make the room totally comfortable for all forms of entertainment including televisions, stereos, etc. Our optional insulating safety hardcover is designed to reduce heat loss and minimize evaporation in addition to keeping the pool locked and safe for children and pets.

All Hydropool Swim Spas are equipped with an electric heater. Due to the thick 2 lb., closed cell foam insulation and our optional insulating safety cover, this standard heater is able to adequately supply enough heat for the entire Swim Spa. However, in some cases, a gas heater may be added by the consumer without voiding the warranty. The cost of operating the pool in the coldest months is very economical. The payback period for installing a gas heater would likely exceed 8 years, although this can vary depending on the cost of electricity throughout North America. If you live in a northern climate where sub-freezing temperatures are common, most gas heaters are not recommended for outdoor use. Despite the above, if gas heating is preferred, Hydropool, upon request, can install an optional by-pass assembly to accommodate a gas heater installation (or any other auxiliary heater source, for that matter) from your local supplier. (Hydropool's electronic control system is specifically engineered to allow the option of a gas heater without affecting the topside control features.)

It is possible to easily heat the water temperature from the commonly used swimming level of 80-85°F up to a common hot tub temperature of 100-104°F, however, it will take several hours due to the volume of our Swim Spas. Also, because the pool is so well insulated it will take a while to return back to the regular swimming/water-aerobics temperature. In most cases, many of our customers have found that by using the multiple hydrotherapy jets at the seated end after a lengthy swim session allows for a relaxing and therapeutic cool down massage. If you desire a heated hot tub on a regular basis, you may want to consider a separate hot tub purchase instead. Granted, there are other units available that combine the aspects of a hot tub and swim area, however, we believe that these units compromise the overall performance and effectiveness of both the swim and the hot tub concepts. Ultimately, we have chosen not to manufacture these combination units and instead focus on manufacturing two fully separate lines of hot tubs suitable for all budgets. We also believe that the seating comfort and hydrotherapy benefits of these combination units are not as effective or as enjoyable to use when compared to separate stand alone units such as those currently available from Hydropool. With all things considered, we strongly believe that our Hydropool Swim Spas matched with any one of our Self-cleaning or Serenity model Hot Tubs will offer superior performance and versatility.

We recommend that you check with your local building/by-law department for any restrictions or requirements. Since all Hydropool Swim Spas are available with a locking safety hardcover that prevents children, pets and unwanted visitors from entering, and taking into account that there is less than 4 feet of water, some municipalities may not require a fence.

Like any pool or hot tub, the Hydropool Swim Spa will require the addition of chemicals to kill bacteria and balance the water chemistry. It will contain about 1/10 of the water found in an average pool and therefore considerably fewer chemicals are required. Hydropool employs an inline automatic chemical dispenser that works in conjunction with the pressure-side 75 square foot cartridge filter to make water care simple. In addition, we recommend the optional ozonator, which is designed to reduce the addition of chemicals while also making the water soft and gentle on the skin. In an outdoor setting, the inclusion of the optional hardcover will keep airborne debris from entering the water while maintaining the set temperature. In the event where dirt settles on the bottom, the jet action of the Swim Spa will usually stir the debris so that it is removed by the surface skimmer. Regular rinsing of the filter with a hose or in a wash basin will keep the pool water clean and extend the life of the filter.

Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas are engineered to be the most energy efficient in the world. See Catalog for specific HydroGuide on each Swim Spa.

For those customers who do not plan on using the Swim Spa during the winter months, it can be easily prepared for the winter by simply draining the water, removing the plugs from the pump(s), filter and heater, adding some antifreeze to suspect areas and covering the pool with the safety hardcover and a protective sheet of plastic. Where a proper concrete pad/foundation has not been installed, further consultation with your Hydropool representative will be required.

Like a well decorated room or landscaped yard, your Hydropool Swim Spa will become a feature of your home's appearance that will enhance its value. The pool will intrigue home buyers with its many benefits and appealing appearance. Since the pool can be disconnected from its power source and relocated to another residence you can potentially take it with you if you move.

All Hydropool Swim Spas come with our 10/5/3 warranty. That is 10 years on Structure, 5 years Shell Surface and 3 years on plumbing and mechanical components (pumps, topside control, etc.). In the event that your Hydropool Swim Spas requires warranty or after-market service, contact your local authorized dealer or the Hydropool head office at 1-800-465-2933. You may also use the services of any local pool, hot tub or contracting company conditional on the prior approval from Hydropool.