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Salt water bromine
Salt Water Bromine System

Hydropool’s advanced high output Salt Water Bromine Generator provides unsurpassed ease and convenience in swim spa water sanitation. The system results in automatic crystal clean water allowing your filter and water balancing products to do their job without adding chlorine or bromine. The Salt Water System reduces the amount of work required to maintain your swim spa.

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Why Not spend your leisure time enjoying your hot tub instead of maintaining it?
Automatic bromine generation for hot tubs and spas just took a giant step forward. The Genesis brand automatic bromine generator is the smartest, safest, easiest and most cost effective way to keep your spa safe and sparkling clear! Hot tubs maintained by a Genesis system are virtually maintenance free and use fewer chemicals. The technology, while taking years to develop, is easy to understand, easy to use and totally hands free. Make Your Spa Fun Again!

How does the technology work?
First, sodium bromine ("NaBr " - a close relative to sodium chlorine - "NaCl" - otherwise known as table salt) is added to your hot tub's water. The dissolved bromine ions are circulated through a bromine generating contact cell located in your hot tub's plumbing. This converts the bromine ions into free bromine (bromine is the recommended sanitizer for hot tubs and spas) before reverting back to sodium bromine - thus completing the perpetual cycle. Additional sodium bromine is only added when your water level declines due to splash out, or when you drain and refill the tub.

The system's electrodes are comprised of high density, ultra-porous "graphite". The controller operates at extremely low DC voltages, resulting in the electrical cost of operation at just pennies a day.

Synthetic graphite is utilized in the revolutionary electrode cell, providing a surface area far greater than available wuth metal electrodes. The GENESIS electrode is made up of 2 of these unique and powerful plates. The plates measure 1 inch wide by 8 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. The electrodes are virtually impervious to harsh chemicals and the oxidation process. Still, over time, the flow of water will erode the replaceable cell. The cell carries a full five year warranty.

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What are the benefits of going to Salt Water Technology?
1. Decrease the Draining Frequency

One of the primary reasons that you should drain your hot tub approximately every three months is due the 'dissolved solids' (TDS) that build up in your water. High TDS levels will begin to negatively impact your water quality and can increase your operating costs and hot tub maintenance.
The Hydropool Salt Water Bromine System significantly reduces the amount of chemicals that are required for your hot tub and therefore will minimize the impact on your TDS.

2. Reduce Regular Shocking
The Hydropool Salt Water Bromine System and your ozonator work synergistically to provide safe and sparkling water. Your ozonator is designed to be a daily 'shocking program' working to keep the hot tub water refreshed while reducing the demand on your salt system.

Please note: After heavy bather loads and/or regular usage weekly shock treatment is recommended to remove all non-filterable wastes that interfere with the salt water system so that you can achieve maximum water quality.

With the uniqueness of hot tubs and hot water management, the Hydropool Salt Water Bromine System has been specifically designed to perform in a hot water environment to ensure maximum water quality and comfort while at the same time being easy to use and convenient.

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