3. Delivery and Handling Considerations

3. Delivery and Handling Considerations

3.1 Retailer Delivery

All Hydropool swim spas are shipped with a layer of protective foam wrap, plastic film and cardboard for added protection. Each swim spa is shipped from the factory strapped onto a wood skid. If your swim spa is to be delivered by your local Hydropool retailer, it will generally arrive on a flat bed truck or low profile trailer. Typically, the dealer will arrive with the necessary equipment to maneuver the swim spa from the truck. The swim spa can then be lifted by a crane into place.


Retailer Delivery

3.2 Direct Deliveries

Like the retailer delivery, your swim spa will come wrapped and skidded the exact same way, however, your swim spa may arrive on a 48 ft. or 53 ft. common carrier closed box trailer. You can arrange the exchange at a local cross docking facility to a flatbed truck. The swim spa can then be lifted by a crane into place.



3.3 Crane Deliveries

Most installations require the use of a crane. When a crane is used for lifting, place the straps under the swim spa, ensuring that the plumbing lines and fittings are not stressed and/or damaged and a spreader is used. The straps should be secured so that they will not slip in any direction and strap spreaders utilized to prevent undue structural side load on the swim spa shell.

   Crane Deliveries

3.4 Fork Lift Deliveries

If you are removing the swim spa using a forklift, please make sure to use 8 – 10' /2.5-3 m extended forks and be sure to pick up swim spa at the equipment end.


  Fork Lift Deliveries

3.5 Roller Deliveries

Although it is recommended to install your swim spa by crane, it may be pushed along rollers by 10 to 12 able-bodied adults (see image). If rollers are to be utilized, we recommend that at least six 4"/ 10 cm diameter pipes, 8' /2.5 m long, be placed under the shell to move it across a soft lawn, down a path, etc.


  Roller Deliveries

3.6 Warnings!

• Do not move or place the swim spa on its side

• Never lift or handle the swim spa by its plumbing

Swim Spas dry weight is in excess of 1984 lbs. / 900 kgs.

Please ensure lifting equipment is sufficent for the job.

Manually lifting of the swim spa should be done with the proper manpower.

We strongly recommend the install to be done by a Hydropool Retailer.