4. Base of Support – Load Specifications

4. Base of Support – Load Specifications

4.1 Preparation

Installation of a level concrete pad is mandatory. Dig out and level the ground 20-30 cm (8-12 in.) below your desired base level. Install 20-25 cm (8-10 in.) of crushed stone. If there is a possibility that the pad could shift by freezing / thaving ground movement (such as in clay regions, and/or areas with high water tables) concrete footings extending below the frost line are recommended.


4.2 Concrete Install

10-15 cm (4-6 in.) of poured concrete. The concrete support slab must be flat and level in order to properly level the swim spa during installation. The concrete pad should be slightly larger than the dimensions for the swim spa, but it may be expanded even further for esthetic purposes or to allow more space for walking around the swim spa. Ensure that your concrete pad is capable of supporting 1500 kg/m2 (250 lbs. / ft2). If the swim spa is purchased with steps your concrete pad should be made large enough to accommodate the size of the step.


4.3 Second Level / Balcony Installation

You must know the load tolerance and compare it to the weight of the swim spa filled with water and people. When in doubt, a load distribution assessment carried out by an engineer should be consulted, who can guarantee the best location choice. Ensure that your second level balcony is capable of supporting 1500 kg/m2 (250 lbs. / ft2). While swimming, the motors and water flow in all swim spas generate vibrations that are directly transferred to the base on which the swim spa is installed. These can therefore be felt in lower levels. In this case, the support area must be properly engineered. Install a floor drain in the event there are any problems with the plumbing to sure that this water has a place to drain.


Base of Support – Load Specifications


(view pdf Manuals for Sample of Specific Swimspa)

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