Serviceability, Accessibility and Protection

Serviceability, Accessibility and Protection


6. Serviceability, Accessibility and Protection






6.1 Equipment Protection

The equipment must be located in an area where it will remain dry and will not be exposed to rain, snow or ground water. When your swim spa is to be installed above ground, the factory cabinet is designed for both protection, insulation and accessibility.

When your swim spa is to be installed fully or partially in the ground, or if you have ordered a swim spa without a cabinet, it is necessary that the equipment be installed in an area that is dry, protected from the elements, has proper ventilation, and is easily accessible for service.


6.2 In Ground Installs

Note that the equipment is supplied on a composite support equipment platform, if you are installing below grade, always ensure that the equipment is mounted on an optional raised base or platform to prevent potential water damage to the motors, equipment or controls.




6.3 Serviceability

Ensure that access to the equipment, and the working area around the equipment, is large enough to accommodate a service person.


6.4 Remote Equipment

If ordered with remote equipment, the equipment should be located as close to the swim spa as possible to maximize jet performance,

water lines need to be equal and as straight as possible. Never install the equipment above the water level as it will prevent priming and minimize flow rate performance. Remote equipment must be installed with protection from the elements in an enclosure. Failure to do so could result in a failed electrical inspection.



6.5 Rodent Protection

For any installation, protection from rodent infestation is imperative. If the swim spa is being installed with a cabinet, as long as your concrete pad is level there should be no need for any further protection against rodents. However, if the swim spa is being installed in ground without a cabinet it is important to take the precautions required to make sure rodents don't make a home in your vault area. Protect access points and repair if needed.