Filling and Draining

Filling and Draining


7. Filling and Draining




7.1 General Considerations

Be sure to check with your local by-laws regarding disposal of waste water from your swim spa. Avoid filing with soft or well water Filling through the skimmer is optimal for reducing/ eliminating any air locks.


7.2 Indoor installations

There will be water lost in the swimspa due to splash out, hence, you will need to top up the swim spas periodically.

When building the room for the swimspa consider plumbing a water tap location nearby to facilitate filing. You will need to drain your swim spa periodically, so please make sure to install a drain in the room that can handle the volume of water in a swim spa.


7.3 Outdoor Installations

Draining and Filling is easy with an outdoor swim spa. Use a garden hose to fill the swimspa and use the hose provided to drain it. Do not plumb a permanent fill or drain line to the swim spa if you are in an area where the temperature drops below freezing.