9. Humidity-Ventilation
Other Indoor Considerations

9.1 Humidity

All swim spas emit quantities of moisture into the surrounding air. In fact, evaporation will increase proportionally with the difference between the temperature of the surrounding air and of the water. To prevent this from happening, heat the air to more than 26° C/79F if the swim spa is located inside a dedicated room. This will make bathing more comfortable and will limit evaporation.


9.2 Ventilation

The swim spa room should have a window, and a humidistat controlled exhaust fan for ventilation. Some rooms may require a mechanical air extraction system in order to potentially dehumidify the air during and after swimming. Consult your local Building Codes.


9.3 Covers

If you decide to purchase the hardcover put it on when you are not using the swim spa. This will reduce evaporation and limit your water heating costs. Use your hard cover as much as possible or purchase a floating summer cover for easier use.


9.4 Floor Drainage

It is very important to install a non-slip surface/tile for your indoor installation as the floors will become very slick with water on it. It is also important to install floor drains around the swim spa to help with the splashout.