PolyCarbonate Awning / Solarium Glazing Materials

Left to Right:   (See graphic below)

  • Angle for under and over glaze @ the Terminating front face 2(1/16" x 1.5" x 1.75")
  • 1/8" x 1" x 1' Angle - used at all corners - see the links to Samples
  • "Base and Ridge": used to connect to structure @ roof and foundation areas.
component1   Note: the black and white Nylon connection plugs.
Main rafter slip over these plugs and locked via a screw.
  • Short Section of Rafter
  • Rafter + Barcap which is screwed into the rafter every 11"

Note: the seals, (4 in total)- 2 each per aluminum barcap & rafter system, plus PVC screw cap cover.

Barcap1   Barcap:

Basically 1.5" width x 1.2" total thickness depth.
Note: Upper profiles receives "PVC Screw Cap" & lower profile receives the cup seals (2 per Barcap length), plus pre-drilled holes every 11" along length for securing barcap and glaze,  to rafter segments during construction.

Rafter1   Rafter:

Both left and right upper shoulders support the glazing sheet with the 2 full length seals sitting under the glaze in respective slots. The center channel is to receive the screw from the Barcap that will squeeze or lock down the glaze, yet will still allow the sheet to remain alive under pressure for the required sheet expansion and contraction.
Note: The underside will be able to be slipped together to built a double or triple rafter as required due to some spans.

component1p   Examples: Straight Awning:
Rafter centers are 24" to 26 1/8"
[ Centers are dependent on sheet width from manufacturer ( 48" to 52 1/4") ]
Note: Cross brace at mid span and wooden support posts + beam
component2p   Interior view of twin wall Clear polycarbonate glaze and white rafter/barcap
Note:Full length seal above and below glaze.
component3p   Interior view of twin wall Bronze Tint polycarbonate glaze and white rafter/barcap
component4p   Curved Awning:
Bronze Tint twin wall polycarbonate glaze
Note:Curved front face support posts

Applications: Polycarbonate twin and triple wall coextruded Thermoglazing: Applications requiring material which offers high light transmission, thermal insulation, light in weight, yet incredibly strong, high shock resistance, flame retardance, great economy, vandal resistance, and design flexibility.

  • Agricultural
  • Industrial Building
  • Architectural Glazing
  • Home Improvement

Greenhouse coverings where good thermal insulation
is necessary together with light transmission.

Industrial Building:
Various glazing applications, sheds, light domes, shelters
and insulating and light diffusing roofing.

Architectural Glazing:
The ability to be cold formed into arches allows design freedom
not possible in other glazing. Walkways, shopping centers,
swimming pool covers, skylights and other space enclosures.

Home Improvement:
Projects like window replacements, shower enclosures, greenhouses, partitions, light covers, patio covers, gazebos, solariums, carports.  

Easy to Install: Polycarbonate will not crack or split when cut or drilled.
Extra Wide Panels: Standard widths of 4 ft. and length @ up to 24 ft.
Special Order: 6 ft. wide & up to 36 ft. length.
Transparent: Offers up to 83% light transmission in its clear form, also available in bronze tint and white translucent.
Lightweight: Weighing just 1/8 the weight of glass. these panels are self supporting and do not require the extensive structural support that a heavier glass wall or skylight needs.
Highly Flexible: Unlike glass, polycarbonate can be readily cold formed to many bending radii, and can be fabricated on site to precise dimensions. The sheet can be cold formed bent to 150 times the thickness of the panel without over tensioning.
Virtually Unbreakable: Able to withstand extreme abuse, impact strength is 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic sheet. Maintains its impact strength over a wide temperature range from -40F to +250F.
Saves Energy: The twin wall and triple walled construction of these panels gives excellent thermal insulating values while blocking UV transmission.
LightTransmission: White, Bronze and clear allow light transmission from 42% to 83%. In addition, there is positive light diffusion due to the rib structure, this will provide a certain amount of internal privacy to the structure, plus a critical protective screen to young plants from burning. Sheets carry a clear coextruded outer surface which provides high stability against the effects of UV radiation and gives excellent durability to outdoor weathering. This unique protection insures long term optimal quality under intensive UV exposure.
Warranty: Backed by a 10 year warranty on light transmission and a 10 year warranty against breakage caused by hail



Resistance of Polycarbonate to Chemical Agents at 73°F
The list below indicates the resistance of polycarbonate to chemicals and various products. Resistance can be effected by the chemicals concentration, duration of exposure, degree of pressure and temperature at time of contact.

red Acetone
red Ammonia
green Carbon Dioxide, moist
green Citric Acid 10%
green Ethyl Alcohol, 96% pure
green Hydrochloric Acid, 20%
yellow Isopropyl Alcohol
green Kerosene
green Ozone
yellow Petroleum
green Propane Gas
yellow Sulphur Dioxide
green Sulphuric acid, 50%

green Resistant
yellow Conditionally Resistant
red Non-Resistant
  green Ajax Cleanser
green Laundry Soap
green Soft Soap

yellow All-purpose Glue
green Gypsum
green Insulating Tape
green Putty
green Rubber

yellow Battery Acid
green Cement
green Floor Polish
green Natural Rubber
green Ocean Water

  green Automatic Switch Grease
green> Silicone Oils
red Brake Fluid
green Cable Insulating Oil lG 1402
green Cable Insulating Oil KH 190
yellow Diesel Oil
red Drilling Oil
green Fish Oil
yellow Heating Oil
yellow Jet Fuel [JP4]
green Paraffin
green Silicone Fluid
yellow Turpentine
yellow Varnish

Max. Purlin Spacing with a 1" Deflection
( 3/8" Twin Wall Example)

Load @ 3/8" Gauge ( lb./ft.2 ) on 4 ft. Width:  30 ( lb./ft.2 ) 45 ( lb./ft.2 )
  34" 28"
Sheet Thickness @ 3/8" Weight: =  0.41 lbs./ft.2
Light Transmission [ ASTM-D1003 (%) ] CLEAR  80 %
  BRONZE 50 %
  WHITE 62 %
U-Factor (BTU/hr.-ft.2 F)   0.54
R-Value   1.79

Factors, Graphics Supplied by: Co-Ex Corp. & EST Dev/Comm