Swimspa 17'
Swimspa 14'

VGB Approved

14' x 7' 9 " x 48"
426.7cm x 236cm x 122cm


Complete Schematic VGB Version (PDF)

The Hydropool Commercial AquaTrainer is popular with developers, sports teams and physiotherapists. This mini one-piece swim-in-place pool provides most of the benefits of a conventional pool at a fraction of the space, weight, ventilation and budget requirements.
Imagine swimming continuously without turning, the Hydropool AquaTrainer is the ultimate swimming and workout machine. AquaTrainer’s "Wide-stream Hydroflow Swim Nozzles" provide deep wide adjustable resistance resulting is an uninterrupted, satisfying swim or workout that leaves you totally rejuvenated.
Freight & Delivery
Applicable Taxes EXTRA
All Prices F.O.B. Mississauga, ON
14 ft. Aquatrainer Commercial Swim Spa
Pre-Plumbed Acrylic Shell
. NSF Approved Skimmer
. ASME/ASMI.A112.19.8-2007 listed side wall suction inlets  
. Counter Current Swim Jets - 2 Widestream & 1 Directional 3
. Side Wall Thigh Jets 2
. Approved Filtration Suction Inlet td to Skimmer  
. Air Controls 2
. Water Level Controller  
Standard Features
. Ultra thick .187 high gloss, all weather, easy to clean acrylic surface
Spa Capacity
. Seating (Persons)
Spa Specifications
. Shell Dimensions (inches)
. Shell Dimensions (cm) 427x236
. Height (inches) 48
. Height (cm) 122
. Volume (US gallons) 1706
. Volume (Liters) 6458
. Weight Full (Lbs) 15500
. Weight Full (Kg) 7030
. Weight Empty (Lbs) 1200
. Weight Empty (Kg) 545
Mechanical Equipment Package
. HCSP-5 consisting of a 220 volt single phase mechanical equipment package featuring:
. Pentair Circulating Pump c/w Strainer Basket 1 HP
. Pentair Jet Pump c/w Strainer Basket 2 x 5 HP
. Coates 220V Single Phase Heater or Pentair LP Master Temp Heater c/w Mastertemp Direct Fresh Air Intake Kit 24 kw
. Pentair Cartridge Filter or Pentair TA60 Top Mount Sand Filter 200 sqft
. In line Thermometers 2
. Blue White Flow Meter  
. 33" Safety Access "P" shaped Grab Rail with Deck Flange
. 33" Safety Access "P" shaped Grab Rail with set of 2 Anchors plus Wedges and Escutcheons
. Audio-Visual Alarm
. Emergency Stop Button
. HCPS3 Mechanical Equipment Package - 208/230/460v 3 Phase Equipment, 15kw Heater, 3/4 hp circ. pump, 3hp jet pump, 150SF filter, 2 In line Thermometers, Blue White Flowmeter
. HCPS3 Mechanical Equipment Package - 575v 3 Phase Equipment, 15kw Heater, 3/4 hp circ. pump, 3hp jet pump, 150SF filter, 2 In line Thermometers, Blue White Flowmeter
. Safety insulating 4" to 3" Locking Hardcover
. Safety Vacuum Release System
. To add 2nd Chemical Pump and extra slurry tank and delete brominator and solonoid valve
. To add chemical control system including Brominator and Solonoid Valve, Link Controller, Flow Switch, Rotary Switch, Stenner Acid Feed Pump and Slurry Tank
. To add In-Wall Low Voltage Spa Light with install & Connector Set, 25ft cord
. To delete 24kw 208/230/480v 3 Phase Heater
. To delete 24kw 208/230/575v 3 Phase Heater
. To delete 24kw single phase heater
. To delete water level controller
. To Substitute 30" Sand Filter and 600 lbs (272kg) of sand