10 Person | H1000C

10 Person | H1000C

108 x 90 x 48.5 (inches)
274 x 228 x 123 (cm)
Seats 10 people ( depending on local health codes)

Mechanical Equipment

Standard Single phase mechanical equipment package featuring 3/4 hp circulation pump with strainer basket, 2 hp jet pump with strainer, 11 kw electric heater150 sq. ft. cartridge filterbrominator/chlorinator, 2 inline thermometersflowmeter, wall mounted jet pump control timer. Pre-plumbed shell with 8 large jets, new shell encased NSF skimmer and encased water level controller.

All Spas sold into the United States of America are compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

10 Person | H1000C Specification


108" x 90" / 274 cm x 228 cm
48.5" (123 cm)
@575 US gallons / 2177 Litres
Weight Full
5580 lbs / 2536 kg
Weight Empty
1080 lbs/490 kg



10 persons (some jurisdictions may reduce spa user capacity)

H1000-C Spa Drawings

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Components & Accessories

Special Features

Self cleaning bottom suction drains, Commercially approved skimmer, Large safety access steps.

Dimenions may differ. Exact measurment should be obtained from purchase unit.

Codes & Regulations


General Installation Guide PDF

10 Person | H1000C Options

Three phase mechanical equipment package (208 Volt or 575 Volt) featuring 3/4 hp circulation pump with strainer basket, 2 hp jet pump with strainer, 15 kw electric heater, 200 sq. ft. cartridge filter, brominator/chlorinator, 2 inline thermometersflowmeter, wall mounted jet pump control timer. Pre-plumbed shell with 13 large jets, new shell encased NSF skimmer and encased water level controller

We recommend the addition of our deluxe automatic chemical feed system which will not only substantially reduce your chemical expenditures but also reduce the need for your staff to manually test the hot tub water. The system includes sensing probes which constantly measure your chlorine / bromine and pH levels and if off from your pre-set levels activates the chlorinator / brominator or acid feed pumps until the desired reading is reached thereby both eliminating chemical overdosing as well as staff involvement.

Chemical controller options:
Link 103 chemical controller c/w flow cell & rotary flow switch, your choice of Stenner chlorine pump and 15 gal slurry tank or Pentair 302 brominator, Stenner acid feed pump and 15 gal slurry tank.

Hayward HCC 1000

Hayward HCC 2000

* CAT6000 chemical controller
   Optional with CAT6000 is a Digital Flow Meter Upgrade with 4-20mA Output

Specify gray, brown or Navy Blue.  PDF

These 33” p shaped stainless steel grab bars allow users to safely enter and exit the hot tub. Available in two versions, one with a flange to accommodate bolting to a wooden deck and one with recessed anchors, wedges and escutcheons (plate covers) for concrete decks.

Installed on both suction lines just before the pump(s) these mechanical (no electrical connection req’d) valves sense any flow obstruction and immediately allow the pumps to draw air thereby reducing suction and eliminating any chance of entrapment against a skimmer or bottom suction fitting. While all Hydrother models have suctions spaced a minimum of 3’ apart or at different planes, thereby in our opinion eliminating the need for this option, many states and provinces demand inclusion. PDF | View

Pentair GLOBRITE 12V LED light (with transformer) both provides safety and beauty.

Connect this to your mechanical system so power can be cut quickly and easily to the system. Includes a push/pull button, normally open & normally closed contactors.

A horn with flashing beacon which activates when the emergency stop button is used.

 (Required in Ontario) - This tamperproof device connects to your heater and will shut it off at 100°F even if the heater is set higher. PDF | View

Add water line tile to the hot tub in blue, brown or grey. Includes matching depth marking tiles and edge markings.

Fifteen minute digital countdown timer to turn power off for the jet pumps. PDF | View

Substitute to Gas Heater 175 BTU (Applies only to 240V Systems) at no additional cost.

Rigid Pipe (Required in the states of Washington, Illinois and Arizona)

Additional R12 Insulation to R12 closed polyerethane spray foam (Required in Washington State)

36" Handrail Substitution

Includes PuraVida Model PS11-48V (H600, H800 & H1000)
Includes PuraVida Model PS11-82V (H1100 & H1200)

Add 2nd Skimmer (Required in Alberta)

Upgrade to 18KW 209V Coates Electric Heater

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